Private photography – «Off the grid» photography

What does «Off the grid» photography mean?  I have done family, weddings and portraits for quite a few years and I am good at what I do.  I don’t need every costomer to allow me to publish our acquaintance or the images I’ve taken.

Your anonymity is most important

With the high pressure on individuals and need for privacy I can offer a «Off the grid» package that allows you just the amount of privacy you and your family need.  No pictures will ever be displayed to anyone – not on the internet and not in person. You can even get someone else to book your session and take care of the details.

If you want to chat about your session using your Discord-tag this is fine – my tag is mahri#1872.   Alternatively  we can use your favourite communication-tool.

I will come to your preferred location no matter where in the world this might be.  You will get perfect pictures of your loved ones that is yours exclusive to distribute and enjoy.

Wallart or albums will be made by me and either shipped to your location or delivered by me.  I would be happy to come back and install the wallart in your home when it is finnished.  Or you can have someone else to do it for you if you prefer this.

What is included?

It is impossible to make an estimate over costs here because it depends many things.  These things can be, but are not limited to:  travel distance for me,  what is needed to go through with the shoot,  how many hours with photography are required.  As an example: a 3 days wedding will be more expensive than a 2 hour session with senior portraits.  You can have an helicopter to fly you to the location or a hairdresser/makeup artist to tag along but this will add to the costs.  This is a highly costumizable product and priced thereby.  «Off the grid» requires me to take extra precautions towards security and privacy for my costomers. The reason for this is to ensure their identity remains safe.

To contact me: email  or use my contact form 

About me:

I am based in the middle of Norway and even if I value my clients privacy I am very transparent on the internet myself.  This is a choice I have made because I want my costomers to feel safe.  I want you to know who you are hiring.  You can have a look at my Instagram here: